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About Us

Kernow Adventure Park is an outdoor adventure centre set on a secret, freshwater lake sunk deep into the earth.

Located between Falmouth and Helston, from 1878 until 1931 Kessel Downs Quarry produced a vast amount of granite which was then shipped around the UK. The quarry received some particularly big contracts for bridges and kerb stones in London so even when you’re in the city you may still be walking on Cornish ground.

In the 1950s Kessel was taken over by aggregate industries who continued to mine here until 2013 when our founder, Alex Sly, bought the land with the intention to set up his own wake park. At the time, the quarry was little more than a flooded lake. The glass fronted reception wasn’t even a concept and the grounds consisted of an overgrown tumble of gorse bushes and trees. Over the years the massive task of landscaping the grounds has been undertaken by the team, whilst always attempting to remain sympathetic to the natural surroundings. The glass-fronted club house was salvaged from demolition from a hotel on Cornwall’s north coast and re-purposed into the reception, and most of the other materials on site – such as old railway sleepers – have also been upcycled. 

Having secured Kernow Adventure’s place as one of the best watersport attractions in Cornwall, the team is now focusing on continuing to landscape the grounds. Their aim is to make the most of the stunning views and provide more outside space so that visitors can enjoy this impressive piece of Cornish heritage. The site also has various species of rare wildflowers, trees and wildlife that live in synergy with the park and the ultimate goal is to combine the fun of watersports with the beautiful natural environment that the park is housed within.


"A great day out for the family. Beautiful location, friendly staff, fun activities. The highlight to our holiday."


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