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Meet the team

All staff have the appropriate lifeguard, wakeboard and first aid training. As well as passing the enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks.

Alex Sly

The owner and founder of Kernow Adventure Park, Alex, has been involved in outdoor activities since he started windsurfing at the age of five. He pursued his passion for watersports and went on to work in the industry for over 10 years – teaching people how to sail, kayak, powerboat and wakeboard. After which he became a manager at the British Disabled Waterski and Wakeboard Association before moving to Cornwall and founding Kernow Adventure Park. 

“Kessel quarry holds a special place in my heart for a number of reasons; the peaceful atmosphere, the deep spring fed water and the sheer walls of granite to name a few, and I’m not alone in believing that the location has a special energy.”


Steve Main

Steve is one of our managers and has a background in the Royal Air Force but after a 12 year military career he decided to follow his passion and coach people in the outdoor adventure industry. He has been wakeboarding at the park since it opened and is keen to introduce others to the world of watersports. 

“It’s been incredible to watch the park’s journey. I have so many happy memories here, time to make some new ones!”


Will Hamling

Will started out as part of our Aquapark safety team but soon moved up through the ranks and is now a manager alongside Steve. Having grown up in Cornwall, he has a strong connection to the ocean and to surfing. This extends to other watersports as well and he enjoys leading activities and interacting with customers to make sure they have a memorable experience. 

“I’m super excited for the upcoming season here at Kernow.”


Izzy Berks

Izzy is our Senior Instructor, specialising in wakeboarding thanks to her background in snowboarding. Over winter she returns to the slopes to show off her board skills in the snow. Izzy is smiley, outgoing and kids will often fall in love with her positive energy and encouraging attitude. 

“Working at Kernow Adventure is so much fun, I love every aspect, from playing on the aquapark to greeting people at the desk.”


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"Great setup, fun staff and the standard of wakeboarding coaching is really impressive - highly recommended!"


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