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Team Kernow

Meet the Kernow Adventure Park team that will guide you through your awesome adventure!

Steve Main

Steve has joined the team as a manager this season and has been a rider since the park opened. At 18 he joined the Royal Air Force Regiment and served on operations all over the world before deciding to begin a new chapter in his home county of Cornwall in 2015. After a 12 year military career he decided to do what he does best by coaching and mentoring people in the outdoor industry. 

"So happy to join the team and be part of the journey as the park develops. I have so many happy memories here, time to make some new ones!"

Will Hameling

Will started as part of our Aquapark safety team but soon moved up through the ranks and is now one of our two managers. He is a keen (and really quite good, though he wont admit it!) surfer but loves anything water based. Like all of our staff he  loves to get involved with our activities and interact with our customers making sure they have a memorable experience. 

"I'm super excited for this upcoming season here at Kernow"

Heather Topf

Heather joined us at the end of the 2017 season, as our Marketing Director and a member of our senior management team, although she prides herself on getting stuck in anywhere. She started her career in banking, though after only a few short years, she realised she craved something more outdoors. After falling in love with skydiving, she took a Marketing job at a drop zone in Devon to feed her adrenaline habbit, before running for the mountains and working extensively in snowboarding resorts. After suffering an injury in 2017, we helped her through recovery and got her back where she's happiest - on a board!

'I'm stoked to be part of the team at such an exciting time. Watch this space - things are about to get interesting!'

Izzy Berks

Izzy is our Senior Instructor, who joined half way through this season as a lifeguard on the aquapark. In the winter, she reverts to the slopes, showing off her ski and board skills. Izzy is smiley, outgoing, and kids just love her. 

"I'm buzzing to work at Kernow Adventure Park, and can't wait to come back for summer 2019, where things will be bigger and better." 

Megan Hart

Megan joined the team this summer 2018, as an instructor for the Aquapark. She is friendly, fun and caring, and loves to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.

"I love working at Kernow Adventure Park, It's super fun! I'm excited to come back for my second season next summer, seeing old and new faces"

Morwenna Pound

Morwenna was with us last season working in the clubhouse, she's back this year and is now a qualified lifeguard so she'll be working the Wipeout and Open Water Swimming as well.


Morwenna say's "It's great to be back at the park again. I'm really excited about being out on the water and looking after everyone's safety!"

Charlie Gibbard

Charlie is a new lifeguard this season. He enjoys fitness and is a keen runner and surfer. 

"I love working here and am really looking forward to next season!"

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"Great setup, fun staff and the standard of wakeboarding coaching is really impressive - highly recommended!"


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