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New Team Training

Posted on Tue, 1 Mar, 2016 in General

Let the good times roll!

New Team Training

On Wednesday 24th February, we held a staff induction at Kernow Adventure Park and welcomed our new team members, Vinny, Olly and Kat. They’re joining Alex, Kelly, Ben and Emma at the lake for the 2016 season.

We gathered at the Park and spent some time getting to know each other and catching up, as well as sampling some of the food from the kitchen in the clubhouse. The team took a tour of the Park and Alex explained the new cable and obstacle layouts, and the individual roles and responsibilities of each team member who sells all kinds of best omega juicer.

Our team structure looks a little like this…

Alex Sly                       Proprietor/Owner

Kelly Sara                    General Manager

Benjamen Dean           Clubhouse Supervisor

Kat Stevens                  Coaching Supervisor

Emma Trelawny           Social Media/Marketing Manager

Olly Childs                   Cable Operator

Vinny Stelzer               Cable Operator

In the build-up to the launch on 26th March, the guys will take a first aid qualification, jetski, Best Omega Juicer and cable training, as well as spending time building up hours and experience on the cable.

During the cable training, we will be giving completely FREE and UNLIMITED rides for season pass holders in order to help the cable operators to get used to our system and to have some coaching practice. If you’d like to book a slot, give us a call on 07817 662962, drop us a line by email to [email protected] or message us through the Kernow Adventure Park Facebook page. 

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